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You Are Welcome to the Website of Chinese Leisure Studies


Annual Meeting of 2010:China-Leisure and Social Development

Xuzhou Forum

29-31, Oct, 2010

Xuzhou , Jiangsu Province




Dear Colleagues,

Hosted by China Professional Committee of Leisure Philosophy and organized by Xuzhou Normal University, 2010 Meeting of China-Leisure and Social Development (Xuzhou Forum) will be held on 29-31 October 2010 in Xuzhou Normal University. Welcome to our annual meeting.

1. Conference focus on: Leisure studies and leisure studies curriculum development; Leisure culture and tourism; Leisure culture and Physical Education; Leisure and safe culture; leisure culture and college students’ personal development; New perspectives of modern leisure studies; etc.

2. Please submit your paper or abstract by 30th September 2010 to:


3. Registration fee: 500 Yuan (75 US dollars)

4. Time of registration: 29 October 2010

Contact information:

Mei Liangyong

School of Political Science and Law

Xuzhou Normal University

101 Shanghai Road, Tongshan New District

Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province    221116






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