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Welcome to the Website of Chinese Leisure Studies






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Dear Ma Huidi,


The Research Committee 21 (RC21) of the International Sociology Association, the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (IJURR), the Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies (FURS) in collaboration with scholars from University College London (UCL) and Leeds University invite applications for 25 places on our fifth collaborative School on Comparative Urban Studies, to be held in London and Leeds (UK) from 30th August to 10th September 2017. The School is being held in conjunction with the RC21 Conference (11th-13th September) on the theme of “Rethinking Urban Global Justice” to be held in Leeds.


In order to participate to the fifth RC21-IJURR-FURS School on “Comparative Urban Studies”, interested candidates are required to filling in the online form at the following link:




 Please share the information between your contacts, and invite young brilliant students to apply.


Thank you for your cooperation


best regards


Alberta Andreotti


RC21 Secretary and Treasurer


ЇˇgоԺ ЇĻо

Ԓ(TEL)86-10-64813408 64813409 (FAX)86-10-64813408

ַꖅ^±1̖ЇĻо ]100029